Instructional Design Services

  • Instructional Design Services provides instructional resources and support for all IUP instructors, administrators, and managers.

    • Our services range from consulting and addressing instructional challenges to planning and development of courses and projects, regardless of delivery method (e.g., online, hybrid, face-to-face).
    • We also offer professional development opportunities focused on teaching, learning, and working with faculty experts in all content areas to create high-quality learning experiences for IUP students. 

    Instructional Design Services, Nancy Evans, and Brian Carothers, are located in 123 and 126 Davis Hall. Please feel free to contact us via ihelp.

  • Professional Development Your Way.
    We offer customized professional development to your needs. Create an ihelp ticket if you have questions.

    Accessibility Assets
    Technology is present in every facet of life. It is now common in classrooms of all varieties. Technology must be accessible all students, regardless of specials needs, different learning styles, or demographics. It is the right thing to do as well as the law.