Family Resources

  • International students and scholars who choose to bring their families to the US while studying at IUP, may have questions about medical facilities, schools, and entertainment. Below is a list of resources available to families while in Indiana, Pennsylvania. We encourage all family members to purchase health insurance while here. Please contact our office with any additional questions you may have.

  • Child Care and Area Schools

    Indiana, Pennsylvania is a small town dedicated to the education of its community members and children. There are numerous child care and preschool options—many of which include ESL courses. The list below provides contact information for area child care, preschool, public school, and ESL facilities. 

  • Community Resources

    This section contacts information that will help you adjust to life in the United States. Listed is a variety of shopping venues, restaurants, or specialty supermarkets you may need, both local and outside of Indiana. Also, important phone numbers and other miscellaneous information you may need. 

  • Housing Information

    Included in the Housing section is information concerning finding housing, insurance, getting utilities, what is a lease, finding furniture, local laundromats, and storing your items if you are in need. 

  • Local Healthcare

    There are numerous healthcare facilities located in and around Indiana, Pennsylvania. This section will include the contact information of local doctors, dentists, hospitals, and clinics.

  • Things to Do

    Find entertainment for you and your family in Indiana and in surrounding cities. Also listed is information about airports and local hotels available in and around Indiana. 

  • Transportation and Driving

    Here you will find information about getting a driver’s license, auto insurance, and renting or purchasing a car. Public transportation is also included.