Accounts and Passwords

  • IUP uses a Web Single Sign-on Service (WebSO).  WebSO handles access to the various computing services provided by the university.  The Web Single Sign-on Service allows users to use their IUP computing account username and password to access WebSO configured services.  Iaccounts is IUP’s self-service password reset utility for resetting the network/WebSO password and PASSHE/ESS (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education employee self-service) password. 

    WebSO is a single sign-on service used to gain access to IUP web services. With WebSO, the user logs in once using the network (IUPMSD) username and password, and gains access to multiple systems without being prompted to log in to each system. This means that when you are logged on to a specific website such as MyIUP, you will automatically be logged into D2L in the same web browser. Access to certain websites depends on your status in the University. Faculty and staff will have different access granted to certain websites than students will. 

    The password must be at least 15 characters long, and it expires every 365 days. Also, the new password cannot be the same as previous passwords, 

    When a service or website is protected by WebSO, you will be prompted for your IUP username and network password. After entering this information correctly, the web browser will display the requested service or website, and it will also provide key information to the web application. In most cases, this will be your username. You will always be warned before information is disclosed to a new website. You will be able to access other WebSO websites during this browser session without re-entering your password.

    To prevent others from accessing your personal information, you should always log out of the service(s) or websites after using WebSO. The best way to do this is to log out of all services and websites that you have accessed, and then completely exit your web browser.

    If you have questions related to WebSO or iaccounts, please contact the IT Support Center via ihelp.

    Here is a list and short description of services and accounts at IUP:

  • MyIUP/Network

    Your MyIUP/Network username and password provides access to the campus network. This includes services such as MyIUP, ireports, ihelp, iforms, online reporting, D2L, Moodle, and Banner. It also provides access to campus computer, the VPN, VCL, and mapping network drives.

  • Email

    Email is part of the IUP WebSo (Web Single Sign-on). You use the same username and password you use for services such as MyIUP and ihelp to access your email


    The PaSSHE/ESS system is used by employees and student employees to access payroll information.  This is a PaSSHE State System, and the username is different than your IUP account username, so it is not a part of the WebSO system.

  • Banner Client

    Banner is used by the university to manage and administrate student information. The Banner Client is the interface to interact with this data. This is part of the WebSO system, so your network credentials are used to log in.

  • SAP

    Software Applications and Programs is the accounting system for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. It is not a part of the WebSO system.

  • Miscellaneous Accounts