Advanced Threat Protection for Email

  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is an information security tool used to help diminish the risk that IUP email users will fall victim to having their account compromised. In addition, ATP helps protect computers, devices, and data as well.  ATP tools used include Safe Links and Safe Attachments.

    Safe Links changes the website address (URL) with a longer URL that begins with  When a user tries to access the website included in the message, Microsoft will evaluate the link in real time to assess the safety of the site. Microsoft will activate the link automatically if the assessment concludes the website is safe. Otherwise, Microsoft will provide a warning message if the assessment concludes that the site is unsafe. This service does not guarantee that all links which are scanned are safe, but does guard against many known unsafe sites and is continually updated with new information about malicious sites. If you see a warning messages and have questions, please log a ticket in ihelp.

    Safe Attachments results in an evaluation of any email attachments within a message. The behavior of the attachment when opened is assessed, and the message is delivered if the attachment is deemed safe. Messages are not delivered if the attachment is deemed unsafe. It can take a few minutes for Microsoft to make this assessment. This means that messages sent to a user that include attachments may take a few minutes for delivery.