Promotions Upload Information

  • Instructions for Creating Your Faculty Promotions Single File Application and Uploading Faculty Promotions Applications

    Please see the Academic Affairs Promotion Page for instructions.

    When you are completed the application and you are ready to upload this PDF file:

    • Log on to MyIUP.
    • Click on the Campus Services link, then find the Faculty Contracts and Forms portlet.
    • Click on the Promotion Form Submission link.  
    • The following instructions are also listed on the Upload page.
      • Step 1: Select the type of Application you will be submitting from the drop box below.
      • Step 2: Upload your Application. To start, click on Browse below. Go to the file location of your PDF to upload.
      • Step 3: Click upload to submit your Application.

    Helpful How-To Videos

    Please note that you will be prompted to log in to view these videos.

    Saving a Word Document as a PDF

    Saving a JPG as a PDF

    Creating Page Numbers in Adobe

    Creating Page Numbers in Word

    Creating Bookmarks in Adobe

    Combining PDFs

    Rotating Pages in Adobe