IUP Network

  • Wireless Setup
    If you know your network username and password, and you have a properly patched PC or laptop, you can use these links to set up the IUP Wireless Network.
    Map IUP Network Drives
    Students, staff, and faculty can access the network shares on IUP’s network through mapping the appropriate drive.
    Virtual Private Network VPN
    The Virtual Private Network uses the Internet to provide users with secure access to the university’s network
    Network Management
    Network management is a service of the IT Support Center that includes the planning, operation, and maintenance of the university Internet connection, the physical network infrastructure, network devices, the fiber optic backbone, and more.
    Network Services for Students
    Find out what network resources you can access at IUP and how to access them.
    Remote Desktop Connection
    Need to connect to your office computer? The IT Support Center can assist with setting up the remote desktop connection to your office computer. After appropriate security has been set up, you will be able to connect to your office PC and see your desktop as you would see it in the office. Please submit an ihelp
    Residential Network Setup
    A Web-based utility called iconnect.iup.edu now makes it easier to configure and connect to the IUP wired or wireless network, regardless of your platform (PC or Mac) or operating system.
    Eduroam Service
    IUP participates in eduroam, a secure, global internet service developed for the international research and education community.  Due to IUP's participation, IUP users can connect to a participating university's wireless network. Likewise, visitors from other universities that participate in eduroam can