The Hatchery

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Scholarship is a conversation—and you can be part of it.

    The Hatchery is a multi-disciplinary, open access undergraduate research journal produced and edited by Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The journal is open to IUP undergraduate students and reviewed and edited by IUP faculty.

    The Hatchery will feature a range of articles representing outstanding research across disciplines, from all of the academic departments of IUP. Digitally published every spring, circulated across campus, and housed in our institutional repository, the Hatchery will showcase the scholarly talent of IUP’s undergraduates both on-campus and to the wider world.

    Why Are We Launching an Undergraduate Journal?

    The process of academic research and publishing is often a mystery to our undergraduate students. While undergraduates regularly write and produce papers and research for their classes, that next step remains seemingly out of reach for them at this point in their studies. Launching the Hatchery helps take the mystery out of publishing and brings it into their world. It benefits them by:

    • Encouraging collaboration with their peers and their professors to produce work to be published in the journal
    • Giving them the chance to publish research to add to their own portfolio and CV
    • Teaching the logistics, processes, and discipline of scholarly publication
    • Helping them join the ongoing scholarly conversation in their field

    Who Can Submit?

    All undergraduate students may submit their original work to the Hatchery submission board. We also encourage recent graduates (within one year) to submit work they performed during their senior year at IUP.

    Launch Timeline

    We anticipate opening for submissions during the fall 2020 semester. Logistics, infrastructure, and promotional activities are underway now so it can take flight in the fall. For details, see the table below:

    Term Activities
    Spring 2020 Discussions with campus stakeholders
    Spring 2020
    Logistics and infrastructure development
    Spring 2020
    Promotion at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum
    Summer 2020 Information distributed to faculty for sharing with students (e.g, in syllabi)
    Fall 2020 Submission system opens
    Fall 2020
    Writing Center workshops

    If you have general questions about the Hatchery, feel free to email us at If you’d like to get in touch with one of the editors or partners, you can contact them below!

    Editorial Board and Partners


    Sara Parme, Scholarly Communications / Digital Initiatives Librarian (

    Elin Woods, Student Success Librarian (


    Katie Farnsworth, Undergraduate Research Center (

    Dana Driscoll, Writing Center (