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Distractions From the Good

President Michael Driscoll

In this issue, you’ll read about how a group of students took on the herculean task of gathering opinion, gauging emotions and logic, and kneading mountains of data into what has become IUP’s vision for the future. I’m proud of their work, and I’m not aware of any other undergraduate students in the country doing what they have done.

By external standards, IUP offers an excellent return on investment—for the students it serves and for the alumni who generously support the university because they believe we change lives and, therefore, make substantive contributions to society.

Among the obvious factors, data confirms our graduation rates are higher than the national average, and the majority of graduates who report back say they are employed in their fields or enrolled in graduate programs.

I had planned to concentrate on more good statistics, but I now must address something else. Alumni across the country, thanks to the wildfire nature of social media, have heard about incidents that occurred near campus last month related to an early celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Events like these—that show young people under the influence and at their worst—distract from all of the wonderful things that occur at IUP every day. While there is no denying that some IUP students were involved, I can safely say that an overwhelming majority were not. In my analysis of an initial sample of reports, well over two-thirds of the people arrested or cited by university police were not IUP students. In fact, most IUP students are outraged by the fact that those actions reflect poorly on them.

I am proud of the planning and the alternative activities my staff and our students arranged in anticipation of what might occur and of the more than 350 members of the Greek community who cleaned up the mess others made.

IUP does and will take responsibility for limiting these destructive events, but we can’t take responsibility alone. The university—including students—will lead the hunt for solutions to a local issue that is symptomatic of a nationwide problem of excessive college partying. Solutions will be found only with the cooperation of the greater Indiana community.

We will do everything we can to curtail such actions and preserve our strong reputation.

Michael Driscoll

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