Plans for the 2020-21 Academic Year

  • Spring Semester Update

    Pennsylvania has seen some recent improvements in COVID-19 cases, but statewide cases remain high. The rollout of vaccines has been slower than anticipated. And the number of cases resulting from New Year’s gatherings won’t be clear for another two weeks.

    Given these conditions, IUP is adjusting the upcoming semester to help ensure the safety of our students and community.

    Testing Details

    IUP will offer free, on-campus COVID-19 testing for all students in spring 2021. Testing is highly recommended as students move back to campus and into the IUP community. Details about how to sign up, who should be tested, and more is available on the Health and Safety page.

    The semester will start via remote instruction on Jan. 19. Students should delay returning to campus and the Indiana community until the first week of February.

    While the semester will start as planned on Jan. 19, IUP strongly encourages all students to delay returning to campus and the Indiana community until just before Feb. 8.

    To encourage students to delay their return, all hybrid classes will be strictly online until Feb. 8. A small number of classes will require in-person instruction during the first three weeks of the semester. Students in these classes will be notified by their dean’s office by Jan. 8. Unless notified, students should plan to remain away from campus and the Indiana community until immediately before in-person classes resume.

    Because not all students will be able to delay their return, residence and dining halls will open as planned. Housing staff will return as scheduled during the week of Jan. 11. Dining halls will continue to follow COVID-19 restrictions.

    Students who return to campus and to the Indiana community should get tested for COVID-19 at the KCAC.

    IUP strongly recommends that all students, both on-campus and off-campus residents, take advantage of on-campus COVID-19 testing as they return to campus. Testing will be offered at the KCAC starting Jan. 11 and will continue through mid-April.

    We have contracted with Virus Geeks, national testing company, to conduct these tests at no charge to those students. (Virus Geeks will bill your insurance when available.) More information on how to make a test appointment will be emailed to you later this week.

    Virus Geeks testing is available to asymptomatic students only. If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms, please follow the advice of your personal health care provider or contact IUP Health Services.

    Next Steps for Students

    • If you live in on-campus housing: log on to MyIUP to let us know when you’ll be returning.
    • Watch for information on getting tested to arrive on Thursday, Jan. 7.
    • If you are registered for a class that must be in-person between Jan. 19 and Feb. 7, your dean’s office will contact you with more details by Friday, Jan. 8.
    • If you have questions about whether a class is face-to-face or remote through Feb. 8, contact your dean’s office.

    Continuing Campus Adaptations

    The following policies and procedures will be continued from fall.

    The academic calendar remains the same

    The first day of classes is still Jan. 19. As noted above, hybrid classes will be conducted online and most in-person classes will not start until Feb. 8. The calendar announced in November (no spring break, but seven non-class days) will be followed. This approach allows you to complete your coursework and graduate on time.

    Out-of-class experiences will continue

    • Graduate and other students should continue to work with their advisors on research projects, thesis work, dissertations, but should do so remotely.
    • Internships, student teaching assignments, practicums, etc. will continue as scheduled, provided that the host site is agreeable. As in the fall, the internship, practicum, or teaching site has the option to regulate student attendance on their sites.

    Some students will return to campus as scheduled

    • Student-athletes will be returning to campus as scheduled. They will follow the NCAA-required testing schedule.
    • Clock-hour programs at the Academy of Culinary Arts and IUP Criminal Justice Training Center, as well as EMT and paramedic training courses through the Center for Rural Health and Safety, will proceed as scheduled, including in-person class delivery. These classes will not be delayed and these students do not need to delay their return to campus.

    Campus services, including housing and dining, will remain open

    • On-campus housing will be open and available to students. Housing (student) staff will return as scheduled during the week of Jan. 11. Dining halls will be available for students starting Jan. 19. As in the fall, they will follow COVID-19 restrictions.
    • IUP Health Services will be open for student patient care, using the same format as the fall.
    • At this time, we do not anticipate changing or returning fees or payments, as facilities—including the residence halls, health services, etc.—remain open and available to students. We will continue to review housing/dining release requests as needed.