Fall 2020 Semester Bills

Posted on 6/26/2020 9:59:56 AM

The first fall 2020 student bills will be issued on July 1.

New for this semester: We are offering a five-payment plan.

Payment Plans

Students have the option of paying their student account in full by July 20 or enrolling in a five-payment plan. For that plan there is a $50 fee. The payment due dates are as follows:

  1. First installment: July 20
  2. Second installment: August 20
  3. Third installment: September 20
  4. Fourth installment: October 20
  5. Fifth installment   November 20

Payment Plans for Registration Through Drop/Add

Students who register and are billed July 28 have a four-payment plan option with a $50 fee and the following payment due dates:

  1. First installment: August 20
  2. Second installment: September 20
  3. Third installment: October 20
  4. Fourth installment November 20

Students who register and are billed September 4 have a three-payment plan option with a $45 fee and the following payment due dates:

  1. First installment: September 20
  2. Second installment: October 20
  3. Third installment: November 20

For any student not paying the full amount due on his or her billing statement by September 20 and who has not signed up through the IUP EasyPay for one of the above plans, the Office of the Bursar will assume the student has chosen the IPP two-payment plan and will automatically enroll them in a this plan for a one-time fee per term of $40.

If you are paying less than the full amount because you have an approved deduction that is not listed on the billing statement, please contact Financial Aid at 724-357-2218 or the Office of the Bursar at 724-357-2207 to clarify aid concerns.

Students are notified through their IUP email account that a bill is available to view. Bills may be viewed by logging in to MyIUP. Students may authorize other users to also view and pay bills through the IUP EasyPay system.

For more information, see bill payment methods from the Office of the Bursar.