About Student Employment

  • Student employment is the #1 activity that students share or have in common.

    Working part-time while taking classes enables a student to gain valuable transferable skills that are invaluable to an entry-level job seeker. Transferable skills are skills acquired during any activity—employment, school, projects, hobbies, sports, etc.—that are transferable to the next level of one’s career.

    Examples of transferable skills include:

    • Communication (speaking effectively, listening attentively, negotiating, perceiving nonverbal messages)
    • Human Relations (developing rapport, being sensitive, listening, cooperating, representing others)
    • Organization (teaching, coaching, counseling, promoting change, managing conflict, initiating new ideas)

    The Student Employment Program assists in making the employment search straightforward for IUP students by providing a listing of off-campus employment opportunities.  

    Don’t Fall for a Student Employment Job Scam!

    Scam artists are constantly refining the way they post or distribute fake jobs, or jobs that ultimately cost you money. Remember, if it sounds too easy or too good to be true, it probably is!

    Important Disclaimer: The Indiana University of Pennsylvania  Career and Professional Development Center serves only as a clearinghouse of information regarding job and internship opportunities. The listing of a position should not be interpreted as an endorsement. Students and alumni should personally research openings and agencies prior to entering into any contractual agreements. Accordingly, Indiana University of Pennsylvania expressly disclaims any liability in connection with any potential or actual employment which results from any applicant's response to any job posted on this site.