University Planning Council

  • Establishment of the University Planning Council (UPC)

    The president has established the University Planning Council to advise and assist him in the strategic and tactical planning of the university in response to System requirements and to changes in our several environments.

    Specifically, the UPC will advise the president on:

    • The strategic plan of the university, including enrollment goals
    • Achieving compatibility between university planning and the planning requirements of the State System
    • Operational and budget planning related to State System and Commonwealth requirements

    Organization and Procedures

    • The president will chair the UPC
    • Subcommittees may be used as task forces to accomplish specific tasks with limited time frames; these may include people who are not members of the UPC
    • The UPC will meet at least quarterly, but may meet more often as needed
    • Subcommittees will meet more frequently to accomplish assigned tasks
    • The staff of the Office of Planning and Analysis will serve as staff to the council
    • A website will be created and minutes of meetings will be posted
    • Planning documents will also be posted on the website
    • Community meetings will be held on a periodic basis to encourage broad community input


    The UPC will be broadly representative of the university community.