Fresh Start Policy

  • A student who has been separated from the university for a minimum of two calendar years (24 consecutive months) and has been reenrolled may apply for a Fresh Start from the appropriate college dean or designee. Having reviewed the prior and intervening factors for evidence of potential for improved academic success, the college dean or designee may implement this policy.

    This policy may be applied only once. For a first bachelor’s degree, a minimum of 30 credits must be completed at IUP after a student returns to IUP under this policy. For a first associate degree, a minimum of 15 credits must be completed at IUP after a student returns to IUP under this policy.

    A student who wishes to enter a major in a college other than the one from which he/she was dismissed will apply to the original college, which will forward the application and related records to the new college for action.

    Conditions for a Fresh Start Record

    All credits and grades for IUP course work taken before readmission under this policy shall remain on the transcript. Upon readmission, a new cumulative (GPA) is established based on credits and grades earned from the date of readmission.

    Prior Record

    Previously accepted transfer credits and IUP courses in which grades of C or better were earned before readmission will be reviewed in terms of appropriateness (applicability, timeliness) to the new degree. Those courses, approved by the college dean or designee, will be counted as credits earned and applied toward graduation in the manner of transfer credits.

    Academic Standards

    A student who is reenrolled under the provisions of this policy shall be required to meet current degree requirements. He/she shall be academically reviewed under the policies published in the academic catalog at the time he/she has reenrolled. A student reenrolled under this policy waives the right to exercise the Canceled Semester Policy.