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    For IUP researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Our professors make amazing discoveries—all over the world and in our own backyard.

    A biology professor discovered a fossil in China that suggested a new timeline for mammals on Earth and published his research in the journal Nature.

    An anthropology professor, known for researching sunken ships, led students in a dig 20 miles from campus that unearthed 8,000-year-old artifacts.

    On a 60-day expedition to Antarctica, a geoscience professor researched the marine ecology in seafloor core samples to gain information on glaciers and conditions for melting ice.

    And that’s just tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

  • Centers and Institutes

    We believe IUP’s strengths and resources can make the world better. To share our expertise, our centers and institutes offer services to business and industry, the community, government and human service agencies, educators, and more.

    Resources for Researchers

    Our researchers—students and professors—are inspired by curiosity and a passion for their subjects. To help them, IUP brings together information on research funding, conducting responsible research (including use of human or animal subjects), and managing research projects.

    IUP Research Expertise

    IUP professors uncover amazing things. Dinosaur-era discoveries. Ticks in Pittsburgh parks. Earth’s past revealed through core samples of the sea floor. Endangered species, historic shipwrecks, and more. See the university expertise database for opportunities to collaborate and to view research profiles.

  • Last year, IUP researchers (faculty and staff) received $10,731,157 in externally funded research and scholarly activities. Top funding agencies include the US Department of Education, US Department of Labor, National Science Foundation, PA Dept of Environmental Protection, and PA Dept of Transportation.

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    Students researching at Beaver Run
    Archaeology dig in Blairsville