Education and Training Opportunities

  • A student works with two children in the Child Study Center.

    Our centers and institutes provide a variety of educational services to children, families, schools, human service agencies, professionals, and more.

    Educational services range from English education and resources for gifted students to sports camps and training for police and emergency responders.


    See a list of these centers and institutes:

    Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center
    This is an applied interdisciplinary center that supports sponsored research, program evaluation, policy analysis, technology transfer, and training.
    Intercollegiate Athletic Institute for Sports Camps
    This institute helps to organize sports camps for students and to train camp counselors, coaches, and others.
    Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
    The center helps to prepare, update, and upgrade career and technical educators.
    Child Study Center
    The Child Study Center provides assessment and short-term treatment of learning or behavioral problems, consultation to parents and schools, identification of disability or giftedness, and other services.
    Dr. Rose Shumba works with students in Information Assurance.
    Center for Creativity and Change
    This center provides counseling professionals with access to nationally known experts, training, and services.
    Criminal Justice Training Center
    The Criminal Justice Training Center offers noncredit training programs for police recruits and law enforcement personnel.
    Center for Media Production and Research
    The Center for Media Production and Research is dedicated to the creation of all types of media productions to meet university and community needs.
    Institute for Rural Health and Safety
    This center works to solve problems relating to highway safety, provides driver education, and provides first responder and emergency response team training.
    Institute for Cyber Security
    This institute facilitates faculty/student interactions in research, presentations, publications, and workshops to promote the need to ensure security and integrity of information.
    IUP Community Music School
    The school provides noncredit private lessons, ensembles, and classes in music to students of all ages in the university community.
    Literacy Center
    The Bill and Judy Scheeren Literacy Center provides assessment and instruction for children and adolescents needing assistance with reading and writing.
    Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute for Community and Behavioral Health
    MARTI is a consortium of academic and professional experts in the fields of alcohol abuse treatment, domestic violence intervention, and related mental health issues.
    Dr. John Benhart works with a student using GPS equipment.
    Institute for Mine Mapping, Archival Procedures, and Safety
    This institute offers knowledge and expertise in archiving, digitally recording, and geographically referencing historical coal mine maps.
    Software Development Center
    This center develops software, builds software systems, and works to improve the software development expertise of the region.
    Center for Statistics Education in Pennsylvania
    This center brings quantitative literacy and the hands-on use of mathematics’ manipulatives to K–12 teachers.