Student and Faculty Services

  • Students clean a building as part of community-service work.A number of services for students and faculty members are offered through our centers and institutes.

    Those services include research assistance, professional development, and civic-engagement and real-world experience.

    See a list of these centers and institutes:


    Center for Digital Humanities and Culture
    This center supports scholarship, proof-of-concept explorations, and project applications of digital technologies in humanistic inquiry.
    Center for Media Production and Research
    The Center for Media Production and Research is dedicated to the creation of all types of media productions to meet university and community needs.
    Frederick Douglass Institute
    This institute serves as a resource for information about and advocacy on issues relating to cultural diversity at IUP.
    A Center for Turning and Furniture Design student works on her Adirondack chair.
    ExcEL Center: Excellence in Entrepreneurial Leadership
    The ExcEL Center works to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and new venture creation throughout the university and local community.
    Center for Film Studies
    The Center for Film Studies develops opportunities for grant funding to support the study and production of film and media scholarship at IUP.
    Institute for Cyber Security
    This institute facilitates faculty/student interactions in research, presentations, publications, and workshops to promote the need to ensure security and integrity of information.
    Software Development Center
    This center develops software, builds software systems, and works to improve the software development expertise of the region.
    Center for Teaching Excellence
    This center provides constructive and developmental mechanisms for nurturing excellence in teaching at IUP.
    The Wood Center at IUP
    This center offers instruction from the concept stage to the construction of woodworking projects.