Scholarships and Fellowships

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  • Like grants, scholarships are a type of financial aid that you won’t have to pay back. Scholarships are based on a variety of things. Some are designed to help students with the greatest financial need. Some are based only on academic scores and achievements. Some focus on specific majors or activities such as sports. Many combine these factors.

    Applying for scholarships can really pay off. Here is a listing of IUP scholarships and IUP’s general scholarship application. Below is a list of outside scholarships you could apply for on your own and several scholarship search sites to explore.

    IUP Scholarships

    If you want to check which academic college your major is in, please see the list of academic colleges and departments and the undergraduate majors list.

    Please submit questions about IUP scholarships to

    Outside Scholarships/Fellowships

    We’ve compiled a helpful list of a variety of scholarships to get you started on your search.

    Scholarship Search Sites

    There are a number of reputable scholarship search websites—check them out!