Educational Psychology, MEd

  • FACULTY INVOLVEMENT MADE IUP HER FIRST-CHOICE SCHOOL   Maryssa McGuire says the Educational and School Psychology faculty “really go out of their way, above and beyond the role of a professor, to help us learn, grow as professionals, and expand our horizons.”

    Improve the quality of life for learners of all ages

    Master the study of the social, cognitive, emotional, and educational development of children and young adults with this one-year (fall, spring, summer) master of education degree program in Educational and School Psychology.

    While designed for students who plan to pursue certification in school psychology after the master’s degree, this program is also for those who want to take on entry-level professional careers as practitioners or administrators.

    All students start as a cohort group in the fall and graduate at the end of summer – a great way to develop relationships with your peers. 

    As a student, you will:  

    • Discover instructional methods and cognitive and behavioral theories of learning
    • Gain a broad theoretical and practical background in the areas of education and psychology
    • Broaden your understanding of human development and learning
    • Learn about educational evaluation, research and how to develop evidence-based interventions

    We are approved by the National Association of School PsychologistsCurriculum

    Find out more about the MEd in Educational Psychology curriculum.

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    Dr. Mark McGowan, Program Coordinator, Room 246, Stouffer Hall
    Phone: 724-357-2316