• Students on campus

    In fall 2018, IUP’s total student enrollment was 11,325.

    The following enrollment figures are for fall 2018: 

    Enrollment by Degree and Level

    Breakdown of IUP students and full-time equivalents by level of degree sought:

      Headcount Full-Time Equivalent
    Total 11,325 9,546
    Undergraduate 9,215 8,472
    Graduate, Master’s 1,299 800
    Graduate, Doctoral 811 274

    Clock hour students: 256

    Number of transfer students: 378

    Full Time
    Part Time
    Undergraduate 8,359 794
    Graduate 856 1,316

    Total Enrollment by Year

    Enrollment figures for the past five years:

    enrollment by year


    In fall 2018, minority students made up twenty percent of the total student body, and international students—representing 53 countries—made up nearly 7 percent of the student body.

    Following is the ethnic breakdown of the total student body:

    chart of diversity

    Total Enrollment by Gender

    Following is the gender breakdown of the total student body:

    chart of enrollment by gender

    Enrollment by State of Residency

    While out-of-state students made up only 6.6 percent of total enrollment in fall 2018, IUP has strengthened recruitment in that area with the recent adoption of a tuition differential for out-of-state undergraduate students with a grade-point average at least 3.0. In addition, tuition discounts are offered to all undergraduate students from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.

    The breakdown by residency of undergraduate and graduate students:


    chart about enrollment by state of residency


    chart of graduate student residency

    Enrollment by Campus

    In addition to its main campus in Indiana, Pa., IUP has regional campuses in Punxsutawney, Pa., (IUP Punxsutawney) and Freeport, Pa., (IUP at Northpointe). Graduate programs are also offered at an IUP facility in Monroeville, Pa., (IUP Pittsburgh East). Following is the enrollment for each campus or facility:

    chart of enrollment by campus

    Enrollment by College

    IUP’s graduate and undergraduate programs are divided among six colleges. Following is the breakdown of undergraduate and graduate students by college:


    chart of undergraduates


    chart of graduates