2019–20 Reflective Practice Meetings and Workshops

  • Large Group Meetings
    Date Time
    Thursday, August 22 12:30–2:00 Engaging Students from the First Day of Classes (Ackerman 116)
    Wednesday, September 18 3:30–5:00 Exploring Teaching Circles and Mini-Grants (Ackerman 116)
    Thursday, October 3 12:30–2:00 What to Do? Successful Strategies for Assisting At-Risk Students Using a Green Dot Bystander Intervention Framework (Ackerman 116)
    Wednesday, November 6 3:30–5:00 OER for YOU and Your Students – Finding, Using, and Engaging with Online Educations Resources (OER) to Support Creative and Collaborative Instruction and Student Success (Ackerman 116)
    No December Meeting
    Thursday, January 30 12:30–2:00 Engaging Effectively with Your Advisees Elkin Hall, Great Room
    Wednesday, February 12 3:30–5:00 Learning that Persists: Facilitating Transfer Across Courses, Disciplines, and Contexts (TBA)
    Thursday, March 5 12:30–2:00 Fostering Student Engagement in the Online Classroom Elkin Hall, Great Room
    Wednesday, April 8 3:30–5:00 Improv for the Classroom: Improving Student Engagement and Empathetic Communication Elkin Hall, Great Room
    Date Time
    Fall Workshop:
    Saturday, September 7
    8:00–4:30 Finding Your Oxygen Mask: Promoting Faculty Wellness Through Self-Care (College Lodge)
    Spring Workshop: