University College

  • A psychology professor and two students sitting together at a table.
  • In the University College, you’ll find two different areas—both packed with extra resources to help you make the most of your first year.

    Which is right for you?

    Ready for College But Not Sure About Your Major?

    In the exploratory studies area, which attracts hundreds of students, you’ll get specialized advising, learn about career paths, and try out classes in majors you are considering. The goal is to help you make this important life decision, in an informed way, by the end of your first year.

    While other colleges may offer you one “undecided” major, we offer you seven, subject-based, exploratory options. You’ll pick one, which will act as your starting point for finding the major that inspires you.

    All of your first-year classes count toward graduation, so you won’t lose any time toward completing your degree—allowing you to explore majors in a way that is academically safe.

    Need Some Added Support When Starting College?

    In this area of the University College, you’ll get specialized advising, sharpen your study skills, meet with peer mentors, take classes that move you ahead academically, work with tutors, and explore majors as part of your first-year experience.

    You’ll have the advantage of linked classes that are team-taught by professors from different departments. You’ll also take part in workshops that bring students together to learn about campus procedures.

    Starting on the right track can really pay off by making your entire college experience more successful. Our academic expectations are high, but we offer you the support that helps you achieve them.