Crimson Common Hours

  • Crimson Common Hours are workshops designed to help students be successful throughout their college experience. The University College and LEAD peer mentors, together with the Student Success Specialists, host the workshops with topics such as study skills, test anxiety, note-taking, and goal setting. All Crimson Common Hours are open to any student at the university. We look forward to seeing you at an event this semester!

    Location: 210 Stabley Library

    Time: 6:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.

    Workshop Date
    Don’t be a Note-Taking Novice
    January 23 Improve your class notes by learning about different note-taking methods. Good notes improve your study materials!
    Study Skills
    January 30 Learn better ways to study for college.
    Tackling Test Anxiety February 6 Do you get anxious about taking tests or exams? Come learn more about test taking anxiety and ways to manage those feelings.
    Preparing for Registration February 13 Are you ready to meet with your advisor? Do you know what questions to ask, or how to address that hold on your account? If not, we can help! We will you prepare for your advising meeting and fall registration.
    Frost Away Winter Boredom
    February 20 Join University College and LEAD peer mentors for this event in your residence hall.
    Managing Mid-semester Stress
    February 27 Are you feeling stressed? Come and learn about ways to alleviate that mid-semester stress.
    Be SMART: Set Goals March 5 Learn how to set goals to help with your academic career.
    Spring Break March 9–13 Spring Break, no Crimson Common Hour.
    Presenting Like a Pro March 19 Do you have an upcoming class presentation? We can help you be a better presenter so you can ace that upcoming assignment.
    Navigating Financial Aid and Campus Resources
    March 26 Learn more about financial aid options and campus resources.
    Communicate Like a Boss April 2 How you communicate with others matters. We can help you improve your email etiquette and interpersonal communication.
    Hire A Hawk
    April 9 We can help you explore on-campus jobs and apply for a job for fall 2020!
    Making the Most of Summer
    April 16 Excited for the end of the semester and summer break? Come learn about ways to make your summer the most successful summer it can be.
    Study Tip Refresher: Finals Edition April 23 Finals are coming and we can help you prepare. Come learn about ways to improve your study habits.