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Is Social Media Right for You?

To use or not to use, that is the question.

Social media can offer a wide range of results depending on what goal your department is attempting to reach. Therefore, there are a few good reasons to want to use social media, but there are also reasons why you should not. The table below outlines the reasons for and against setting up and engaging in social media.



You have a large enough audience to generate a substantial amount of feedback Your audience is limited, or your target users are not actively using social media
You have the time and staff to keep the account, page, etc. monitored and current You will create the page, account, etc. and eventually abandon it
There is no other department or university affiliated account with the same purpose An account is already handling social media for your department or organization

If you determine that it will be beneficial to engage in social media, you’ll need to choose which network or networks will be best to achieve your goals. The Choosing the Right Network section will help you determine your audience, your goals, and the best network for you.