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Before You Tweet

Before you put your first tweet out into the world, you should first check a few things to make sure you will be successful.

Make Sure the Numbers are There

This holds true with every social network; if the audience isn’t there, then there is no point in trying to reach them. Assess the number of people that interact with other social networks you utilize and determine whether or not they will “follow” you to Twitter.

Also, make sure you have the time and personnel to manage the account. A Twitter account that is abandoned might as well have never been created.

Determine if You Already Have a Presence on Twitter

IUP already has a presence on Twitter. Of course, there is the main university account (@iupedu) but there are also a few off-shoots. Make sure that one of these accounts is not already handling tweets regarding your department/organization.

See IUP in Social Media to see what IUP is already managing.

Make Sure You Will Have Enough Information to Put Out There

So you have enough information for one Facebook post per day. Great! The question is, do you have enough for about fifteen to twenty tweets per-day?

Best practice is considered to be between ten and twenty-two tweets per day, with twenty-two being the maximum. Before setting up a Twitter account, it would be best to make sure there is enough information from your department/organization to dispel at that rate.

If you’ve followed these steps and determined that you are ready to use Twitter in your social media campaign, then it is time to learn how exactly your department/organization will benefit from this network by reviewing the tools in Twitter and how you can benefit from using them.