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Tools and Their Benefits

Each tool in Twitter can be utilized for different things. You should have a good understanding of what each tool is before getting into what they can do.

The tools available in Twitter include Profile, Followers, Timeline, Hashtags, Mentions, Retweets, and Lists. Be sure to review the benefits of each tool in the comparison table.


This includes department/organization name, desired thumbnail, URL, and a bio with which you tell your potential followers about your department/organization.

Screenshot of a Twitter Profile


Hopefully, these are the people you are aiming to reach. These are the people that will receive your tweets. Your updates or tweets will appear in the timeline of your followers.

Screenshot of Twitter followers


When you log onto Twitter, your home timeline will project tweets by those you follow. There are also tabs at the top of your timeline labeled “Mentions,” “Retweets,” “Searches,” and “Lists.”

Screenshot of a Twitter timeline


Hashtags, a.k.a. the pound sign, are a fun, interesting way to engage your followers. Users use hashtags for a variety of things, and it is usually these tags that are trending (visible along the right side of the timeline).

Screenshot of Twitter hashtags


A mention is any Twitter update that contains username anywhere in the body of the Tweet, according to the Twitter Help center. Replies to another user’s tweet are also considered mentions.

Screenshot of Twitter mentions


These are your tweets, retweeted! In other words, if a user likes the information you provide in a tweet, he or she can click the “retweet” link at the bottom of the original tweet and send it out through his or her personal timeline as a tweet.

Screenshot of a Twitter retweet


Being “listed” by users can help determine the kind of audience you are reaching. Those who list your tweets have a separate timeline in which your tweets will be highlighted, along with any other user that is listed in said list.

Screenshot of a Twitter list

Tools and Their Benefits

Now that you’ve been acquainted with the tools, review what they can do for you in the table, below.

Tool Benefits
Profile Tell potential followers who you are and what your organization/department does.
Followers Your users.
Spread your news, messages, etc. to those who follow you.
Timeline Use this to see what your followers, or those you follow, are saying to stay current.
Hashtags Use hashtags as a way to engage your followers.
Attempt to get a hashtag trending. i.e. #IUPHomecoming
Mentions A way of measuring feedback.
Help you to determine how relevant you are among your followers.
Retweets A way of measuring feedback.
See if users are receiving your message and if it is intriguing enough to share with others.
Lists A way of measuring feedback.
Lists are a way to see tweets from particular people without sorting through a timeline.