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LinkedIn Tools and Their Benefits

LinkedIn offers several tools that can help you effectively use your subgroup.


This is basically a short version of your résumé that people will see when they visit your page.

Screenshot of a LinkedIn profile


This is LinkedIn’s version of references. Connections help you network with other individuals from other LinkedIn networks.


LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to build a virtual resume. You can also upload your personal résumé to make the process go quicker.

Screenshot of a LinkedIn RecommendationRecommendations

You can ask for a recommendation from one of your connections. At the right hand side of your profile is an “Ask for recommendations” link.


Tools and Their Benefits



Profile Give other LinkedIn users an idea of who you are and what they can expect from you.
Connections Your network.
Build your network through connections you already have for employment opportunities and more.
Résumé An online version of your résumé available to your network.
Recommendations Ask your connections for recommendations for employment opportunities or network expansion.