Cook Honors College

  • Director Caleb Finegan talking with Honors College students
  • Aspire. Belong. Discover.

    When we invite you to join our community, we’re investing in you—your passion, your journey, your ideas.

    We believe your unique outlook may one day shape the world. We want to be a catalyst for the amazing things you’ll do as you enter this new chapter in your life, so we bring together the attention, resources, and support that can make it all happen.

    Our Honors College Experience Includes:

    • Thought-provoking honors core classes that take the place of IUP’s normal general education requirements and are taught in Whitmyre Hall. There are no tests in honors core classes, just discussions and opportunities to explore new ideas in writing.
    • The Cook Honors College Achievement Fund that helps students pay for research, travel, internships, and exploration. This fund exclusively supports the few hundred Honors College students at IUP.
    • Small classes of about 20 people with professors who want to see you succeed.
    • Scholarships that renew every semester awarded for being part of the Cook Honors College.
    • Creative opportunities to join groups founded by our students, such as singing groups and a theater club that performs student-written plays and musicals.
    • Opportunities to do undergraduate research with professors.
    • Students and alumni who have gone on to study at Harvard and work for NASA.
    • Exclusive access to housing that is the best value on campus. All Honors College freshmen stay in Whitmyre Hall together to build friendships and support each other.
    Students take part in an Honors College group activity

    Our Community Philosophy

    The Cook Honors College is a strong, inspiring community because of our students. As you build it into an empowering hub of friendship and opportunity, you’ll become part of a legacy of students who have done the very same before you.

    If you are considering the Cook Honors College, you will probably do well wherever you attend college. That’s why your choice is so personal, so individual. You’re not just choosing a school, you’re choosing a place where you will be happy for the next four years of your life. You are choosing what you want your situation to be like when you graduate - both financially and in terms of the friendships you’ve made and opportunities you’ve been given along the way.

    The Cook Honors College may be exactly where you belong. Contact us with questions or visit to find out.

    Learn about our Summer Honors Program for high school students and applying to the Cook Honors College.

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