Tablet Technology

  • In the past, if students wanted to listen to native speakers to enhance language learning, record interviews with newsworthy individuals for a journalism class, or scan and share information for group discussions and projects, they might have had to access a variety of technological devices. Today, students do it all with their smartphones and tablets. 

    Our panel of tablet-friendly IUP professors—Crystal Machado, Shijuan (Laurel) Liu, David Loomis, and Bob Sweeny—shared their tablet-technology strategies (links listed below) to engage and empower students to enhance the educational value of their classes.


  • Engaging Students and Enhancing Instruction with Tablet Technology: IUP's Appy Hour!
    Resource materials from Reflective Practice Meeting on March 5, 2015
    Using Tablet Technology for Teaching and Learning at IUP
    Resources from March 5 Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting