Ordering PPE and COVID-19 Related Supplies

  • In support of the IUP Fall Return to Campus plans, Central Stores would like to provide guidance on how to order the PPE Kits for your staff and offices. 

    Ordering Employee and Departmental Kits

    Each department should delegate one (1) individual to collect and submit a reservation for their department’s needs upon a final assessment of their fall return to campus plan.

    Please use the normal reservation process through SAP or ESS to place your order, using your department cost center. The cost center will not be charged for these items.

    We also ask that you only order for what you need upon return to campus. Additional orders for supplies can be placed once all departments have been initially supplied.

    Employee and Faculty Office Kit

    IUP Material 24823 

    Each kit includes:

    • Desk-size hand sanitizer
    • Three reusable masks
    • Container of disinfecting wipes
    • Facial tissues

    Departmental Kit (created for reception areas, high traffic areas)

    IUP Material 24827      

    Each kit includes:

    • Hand sanitizer gel, one-gallon size with pump
    • One box of 50 disposable ear loop masks (for visitors without a mask)
    • Container of disinfecting wipes
    • Facial tissues

    Departments will not need to order for students or classrooms. Each student will receive a Safety Kit upon their return to campus, and classroom will be stocked with supplies.

    Ordering Additional Personal Protective Equipment

    Should additional PPE be required, the below list has some additional materials that offices can order, as needed. We ask each department to be prudent in their initial request so that all offices are stocked prior to the start of classes.

    Additional reservations can be placed for PPE throughout the fall semester, and while COVID-designated material stock is available, no department cost center will be charged for these supplies. Again, please only order what you need as needed; more stock will be arriving in the coming months.

    Please note, storeroom reservations requesting COVID-19 materials will be reviewed, and justification may be requested to fulfill the order. Additionally, COVID supplies will take priority over other storeroom orders (e.g., office supplies).

    Personal Protective Equipment List and Storeroom Number:

    Hand Sanitizer Options

    Substitutes may be used to fill the order—please order prudently.

    • 24902 CV Hand Sanitizer, Pump Style Gel, 8oz
    • 24900 CV Hand Sanitizer, Pump Style Gel, 12oz
    • 24901 CV Hand Sanitizer, Pump Style Gel, 16oz
    • 24903 CV Hand Sanitizer, w/Dispensing Cap, 16oz
    • 24897 CV Hand Sanitizer, Gallon Container w/pump
    • 24904 CV Hand Sanitizer Quick Stand (by approval; view image)*
      *This is a cardboard stand that comes with two sanitizer refills; it should be used for pop-up events only, and justification should be provided in the additional text field of the reservation if you place an order for this material.

    Disinfecting Options

    Limited supply is available; substitutes may be used to fill the order—please order prudently.

    • 24898 CV Hand Sanitizer, Gallon Contain Liquid—to be used in the below spray bottles
      • 24872 CV Bottle, 16 oz spray mist w/trigger
      • 24874 CV Bottle, 32oz spray w/trigger
    • 24882 CV Disinfectant Aerosol Spray Claire/Clorox/Reliable
    • 24887 CV Disinfectant, Nozzle Spray Avidstat D
    • 24885 CV Disinfectant, Hydrogen Peroxide Spray
    • 24886 CV Disinfectant, Liquid Foam Spray

    Face Covering Options

    • 24870 CV Mask, Disposable, Ear Loop 50/pkg(view image)
    • 24916 CV Mask, Reusable microfiber w/clear panel over mouth (colors may vary; view image)
    • 25010 CV Mask, Reusable microfiber w/clear panel over eyes (view image)
    • 24914 CV Mask, Reusable, Homemade, styles vary
    • 24915 CV Mask, Reusable, Single-Ply w/Earholes (view image)
    • 24913 CV Mask, Reusable, w/Elastic Over Head, multi-layer (view image)
    • 24999 CV Mask, Reusable, multi layer, ear loop, multi-layer (view image)
    • 24836 CV Face Coverage, Shield (style may vary; view image)

    Glove Options

    • 24891 CV Gloves, Stretch, Vinyl, Large, 100 bx, non-medical
    • 24892 CV Gloves, Stretch, Vinyl, Medium, 100 bx, non-medical
    • 24893 CV Gloves, Stretch, Vinyl, Small, 100 bx, non-medical
    • 24894 CV Gloves, Stretch, Vinyl, X-Large, 100 bx, non-medical

    Wipes Options

    Limited supply is available; substitutes may be used to fill the order. Please order prudently.

    • 24932 CV Wipe, Cleaning Towel, Hercules, maintenance use
    • 24933 CV Wipe, Disinfecting, Clorox Fresh 75ct
    • 24934 CV Wipe, Disinfecting, Hydrogen Peroxide 95ct
    • 24936 CV Wipe, Disinfecting, Hydrogen Peroxide 155ct
    • 24941 CV Wipe, Multipurpose Disinfecting/Antibacterial

    Paper Products

    • 24929 CV Tissue, Facial, Two-Ply, White, bx
    • 24921 CV Paper, Towel, Roll, 8"W, six rolls, cs
    • 24940 CV Wypall, Disposable Cloth, 56 per pkg (view image)
    • 24983 CV Wipe, Wypall, Disposable Cloth in box dispenser, 120 wipes (wipes qty's may vary slightly per box)

    Miscellaneous Options

    • 24847 CV 4' Door Barrier, plastic chain w/magnet (view image)
      • This is a plastic chain with two magnetic hooks that can be used as a doorway barrier
    • 24833 CV Tape, Gaffers, Yellow (for distancing marking; view image)
    • 24895 CV Goggle, Safety, indirect vent, styles vary


    The Central Storeroom will be stocking a variety of countertop barriers. As they arrive in the storeroom, this site will be updated with sizes available.  Please check back often as sizes and availability may change frequently.

    Available Barriers

    • 24994 CV Barrier, Counter 22" x 16" x 23"T L SHAPE
    • 24995 CV Barrier, Counter 24"W x 32-36"H w/cut out
    • 25019 CV Barrier, Counter 31"W x 23"T w/cut out
    • 25021 CV Barrier, Counter 23"W x 31"T w/cut out
    • 24986 CV Barrier, Counter 27"Wx24"T solid
    • 24987 CV Barrier, Counter 27"Wx24"T w/cut out
    • 24988 CV Barrier, Counter 31"Wx23"T solid
    • 24990 CV Barrier, Counter 31.75"Wx36"T w/cut out  
    • 24991 CV Barrier, Hanging 24"Wx36"T
    • 24992 CV Barrier, Hanging 36"Wx24"T
    • 24993 CV Barrier, Mounted 31.5"Wx38"T - solid
    • 24996 CV Barrier, Counter 36"Wx32-36"H w/cut out
    • 24989 CV Barrier, Counter 31.75"Wx36"T solid
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