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  • Simulated drill with officers and firearms at the Criminal Justice Training Center

    Update, May 20, 2020:

    The Criminal Justice Training Center resumed Act 120 training online May 11, 2020. Training online will continue to June 1, 2020, for RMU, at which time training will return to the classroom. Training online for IUP will continue to June 8, 2020, at which time training will return to the classroom.

    Testing for the next Indiana full-time academy and the next RMU part-time academy will begin May 27, 2020. Upon receipt of your completed application, physical exam, and drug test, you will be contacted to schedule your entrance testing.

    Request an application by following the steps below to make payment and print the application packet:

    1. On the IUP Criminal Justice Training Center home page, click on the link Training Programs.
    2. Then click on Act 120 Municipal Police Academy.
    3. Then Application Process.
    4. Click on Criminal Justice Training Center Marketplace.
    5. Pay your $30 application fee with a credit card. Make sure you click on the link for the academy you want to apply to (full-time or part-time). More info on these academies can be found on Current Academy Schedules.
    6. Now, to obtain your application packet, go back to the “Application Process” page.
    7. Click on Application packet to print the packet.
    8. Complete all forms in the packet: Application page, Physical Exam form (to include five-panel drug test), and the Supplemental Physical Exam form.
    9. Until further notice, completed application packets will only be accepted via email to Do not mail or fax your completed packet.

    We anticipate the start date for the Indiana full-time academy to be late July 2020, and the tentative start date for the RMU part-time academy to be August 15, 2020.

    Any questions, feel free to email, or call 724-357-6943.

    IUP’s Criminal Justice Training Center offers training programs for police recruits and law enforcement personnel. The training center prepares students for entry into the law enforcement field, serves federal/military law enforcement students eligible for the Act 165 Partial Waiver Training Program, provides in-service training to enhance skills of current law enforcement personnel, provides initial preparation for mandatory re-certification in lethal weapons training for security personnel, and prepares individuals for certification and annual re-certification as Pennsylvania State Constables.

    Become a Police Officer

    The CJTC offers Act 120: Municipal Police Academy certification programs at two locations: the IUP main campus, and Robert Morris University. With a mix of full- and part-time options, you can get your certification when it fits your schedule. Check the Current Academy Schedules to see when the program is offered at each location. 

    Get In-Service Training

    From mandatory trainings for current Pennsylvania police officers, to voluntary training to specialized training programs, the CJTC offers a number of options. Visit the Act 180: Mandatory In-Service and Non-Mandatory In-Service Training for course offerings and dates. 

    Pennsylvania State Constables

    Find a variety of Act 49 Pa. Constable Trainings, including mandatory basic firearms and optional trainings throughout 23 counties in northern and southwestern Pennsylvania. 

    Training Programs

    Get more information on our criminal justice training programs, including Act 120: Municipal Police Academy, Act 180: Mandatory In-Service, Act 165 Police Academy Partial Waiver Program, Act 49 Constable Training Program, and non-mandatory in-service training.

    How to Apply or Request Information

    Learn how you can request an application for the Act 120 training.

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