Energy Management

  • Energy Management’s goal is to minimize IUP’s energy use and achieve specific financial, service, and environmental expectations in support of the university’s and the Pennsylvania State System’s missions and visions. 

    Energy Management is responsible for the overall management of energy-related activities. The management of energy at IUP includes:

    • Methods of purchasing energy products and services in a deregulated market place
    • Identification and implementation of energy saving projects and alternative energy sources in conjunction with the utilization of best management practices to embrace energy conservation
    • Reduce consumption and lower energy costs
  • IUP Cogeneration Plant

  • Policies and Procedures
    Find information regarding PASSHE and IUP Energy Management Policies.
    How To
    Practices and information to help conserve energy and lower consumption
    Information on IUP's energy production, generation, savings, revenue, and usage.