Need Express Mailing of Your Diploma?

  • Optional Express Mailing of your diploma

    The deadline for requesting this service is the last day of the semester for which you are graduating. After that date, you need to contact the Office of the Registrar at 724-357-2217 or email for specific instructions. 

    Please be aware that it can take up to two to six weeks for your degree to be awarded by your college. 

    Your diploma is normally sent via the postal service at no charge to you. However, if you need it sent via express mail, the Registrar’s Office has partnered with e-Ship Global to assist you. This is an optional service that you set up and pay for yourself. You must use the website provided below—do not go through the DHL or FedEx websites directly.    

    e-Ship Global: If you know it, use your Banner ID (the eight-digit number with the @ symbol) as your student ID. Carefully select Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Main Campus, Office of the Registrar, as the university and office from which you wish to create a shipment. 

    Follow the online instructions carefully when completing this online process. If you have questions or experience problems when using this online service, please use the “help” feature on its webpage. Please do not call the Office of the Registrar, because we cannot help you with questions or problems encountered when using this mailing service.

    Once your documents are mailed, you will be sent an email by e-Ship Global that will provide you with a tracking number and order details for your shipment.